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"Back then, it was super gnarly   for us.  Full on gnarly. Straight   up Gnarlz... FullGnarlz!"

The entity that is "FullGnarlz" began back in 2009.  It was a term that was coined during a campfire talk about how 'gnarly' the Class III - Lower Youghiogheny River was. Back then, it was super gnarly for us.  Full on gnarly. Straight up Gnarlz... FullGnarlz! We made a flag and we yelled fullgnarlz at every exciting thing we came across. Before long, others began to join in.  Our crews got bigger, better, and more efficient at what we did. 

First and foremost, we preached the love for whitewater canoeing, followed closely by our love for the outdoors.  Our main mission was to help expand and progress the sport by any means necessary. We began to organize events in addition to the vast amount of paddling festivels that we already attended. Events turned into making stickers, t-shirts, ect.  Which leads us to now.  While stickers and t-shirts are nice, they won't get you on the water.  So we figured we'd step our game up; import the best whitewater canoes that money can buy and get them directly to the paddlers!

With your support, we hope to cast a long lasting positive ripple in the outdoor and paddle sports industry. More importantly we aim to spread the good word of why the canoe is the greatest, most versatile paddle craft of all time. ;) 

FOr love of sport...

Tom Hagg

Behind every great company there is an All-Star in the ranks.  Tom is not that guy. He does however strive to be as helpful as he can and run a logistically sound operation. He is often seen with a camera in his hands in some hard to access eddy or standing on shore in street clothes, eager to catch the action.  He lives to canoe and believes so passionately about what paddling does for the soul, that he dedicates his life to it and sharing it with others.

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