Our team is our lifeblood. They are what churns the gears and spreads the love of what we do: live for the outdoors and paddle canoes. Without feet on the ground and boats in the water, you may have never known Silverbirch Canoes exist, or that Gnarlz Outdoors makes them readily available in the United States and Canada. Most importantly, everyone on the team shares a passion and common bond that brings us together: our love for the water and the belief that the canoe is greatest craft of all time! We hope that you share this passion and that one day we see you on the river.  When that day comes, feel free to take any of our Silverbirch canoes for a test spin. We want to see people paddle canoes they love and belong in. We are here to help!

Jerrod Jones, Alabama

Self employed handyman and furniture builder, who loves nothing more than to put his hammer down and pick up a paddle. Whether it's steep creeks, slalom racing, or sharing the love with others as an Ocoee raft guide, Jerrod enjoys every aspect of being on the water.

Holly Reppert, Tennessee

After trying her time in the corporate world, Holly decided to leave her job behind and see what the outdoors had in store. Not only has she decided to make whitewater her career (at least in the summer), she took time off to hike 3,100 miles from Mexico to Canada on the Continental Divide Trail. You can find her on the Ocoee guiding or canoeing and always having the best time !

Open-boat Brian, Pennsylvannia

OB Brian aka "the Nation,"needs no introduction.  Only his legend precedes him.  A master of the shadows, OB Brian fights for a noble cause, one that we see eye to eye with, a canoe and kayak for every person in the world. Only then will planet Earth be a better place. 

Matt Kelso, Pennsylvannia

A certified ACA Level 4 Whitewater Canoe Instructor, Matt is technically proficient in a canoe and surgical with fishing rod; the type of guy that fish never see coming. When Matt isn't paddling whitewater in a canoe, he's fishing...in a canoe or maybe he's paddling whitewater AND fishing in a canoe - no matter what he's doing, he does it with a smile and love for the outdoors.

Philip Prince, Virginia​

A scholar of Geology and how it relates to Hydrology, Phil is known for two things, wearing a beaver pelt on his helmet, and his world class canoeing skills.  Phil is the type of paddler than most aspire to be and one of the most humble people we know. 

Travis Overstreet II, Virginia

A veteran and family man, Travis is a 2nd Generation Canoeist with more skills, passion, positive energy, and enthusiasm for canoeing than most could ever strive for. Local to Roanoke, VA - Travis is one of the great ambassadors of his generation. He is always ready to help!