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Our team is our lifeblood. They are what churns the gears and spreads the love of what we do: live for the outdoors and paddle canoes. Without feet on the ground and boats in the water, you may have never known Silverbirch Canoes exist, or that Gnarlz Outdoors makes them readily available in the United States and Canada. Most importantly, everyone on the team shares a passion and common bond that brings us together: our love for the water and the belief that the canoe is greatest craft of all time! We hope that you share this passion and that one day we see you on the river.  When that day comes, feel free to take any of our Silverbirch canoes for a test spin. We want to see people paddle canoes they love and belong in. We are here to help!

Adam Ashberry, Pennsylvania 

Stoke spreader and an inspiration to us, Adam is a clear example of what happens when you focus on the good and constantly strive to better yourself. Canoer, Kayaker, and Yogi, with mental and physical health being the pillars to his seemingly rock solid foundation. Adam embodies what Gnarlz Outdoors is all about.

Mel Shafer, West Virginia​

Another inspiration, currently pursuing her Masters degree in Forestry with a focus on Hydrology, Mel is no slouch when it comes to getting it done! She has a passion for clean water and is well on her way to a career that strives to keep it that way. An ACA L4 Whitewater Canoeing Instructor, who is leading the charge for future generations.

Tom Hagg, Pennsylvannia

A certified ACA Level 4 Whitewater Canoe Instructor, Tom has dedicated the better part of his life to promoting the sport of whitewater canoeing and its growth. To him, nothing makes as much sense as pouring heart and soul into spreading his stoke for the outdoors and paddling lifestyle.

Philip Prince, South Carolina

A scholar of Geology and how it relates to Hydrology, Phil is known for two things, wearing a beaver pelt on his helmet, and his world class canoeing skills.  Phil is the type of paddler than most aspire to be and one of the most humble people we know. 

Bruce, Pennsylvannia

Every great team needs an old head like Bruce to keep things straight. Some may refer to him as the Godfather because if it wasn't for Bruce, we may not exist! The man has lifted and moved more boats in his life time, than most ever will. Known for his lust for life and good natured attitude... if Bruce is around, it's almost guaranteed to be a great time.

Greg Murphy, North Carolina

The most badass music teacher you may ever meet! Greg has been at it for years, and is best categorized as a humble charger who loves whitewater canoeing and sharing his passion with the world. Check out his YouTube @

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