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Silverbirch Covert 9.3 in Action!

Shot from mostly a 1st person angle this is the first solid video we've made showing the Silverbirch Covert 9.3 in action. At a narrow 9.3ft the Covert is very fast as it planes over water features and cross currents. The soft edges make for a very trusty and forgiving boat. Stability wise, same thing; it feels semi loose with the initial stability, giving it a very playful feel - while having a great secondary stability, allowing the paddler a lot of wiggle room with regard to regaining center of balance. We've been looking for the next boat that we have maximum fun in for years and this river running, surfing machine - turns out to be a very forgiving creeker - that will allow us to run just about anything with it. Add to the fact that Silverbirch's Duratough still feels super solid after months of purposeful abuse, and the feeling sets in that the Covert 9.3 is here to stay.

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