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Three Rivers Paddling Club - Slip Clinic

We spent the weekend out at the Three Rivers Paddling Club's Slippery Rock Clinic. We were pretty impressed with the turn out of 150+ boaters. There were about 30 open-boats out there working hard to practice moves: eddying, ferrying, surfing. We spent a solid 5 hours on the water the first day. Many people were able to try out some Coverts, and all seemed to love them. It's great to see the range of paddlers that have been enjoying this design. The long boat paddlers loved it because it kind of acts like a long boat due to its speed, except with a shorter plastic design they were able to hit tighter moves/spots and had no fear of damaging the boat. The beginners loved it because it felt lively, and seemed to have their backs whenever a situation came up. Snag an edge? The secondary kicks in and takes care of you. Get blown of your ferry angle? The speed helps for a quick recovery. All in all great weekend with everyone, and was a pleasure watching the smile that people had in the Covert! Things are looking good for that boat.

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