June 6, 2016

We spent the weekend out at the Three Rivers Paddling Club's Slippery Rock Clinic.  We were pretty impressed with the turn out of 150+ boaters.  There were about 30 open-boats out there working hard to practice moves: eddying, ferrying, surfing.  We spent a solid 5 hours on the water the first day.  Many people were able to try out some Coverts, and all seemed to love them. It's great to see the range of paddlers that have been enjoying this design.  The long boat paddlers loved it because it kind of acts like a long boat due to its speed, except with a shorter plastic design they were able to hit tighter moves/spots and had no f...

May 31, 2016


A few of us took advantage of the 3 day holiday weekend by heading out to Friendsville, MD to paddle the Youghiogheny River's Top and Upper Sections.  If you watch the video, you can see why this is our favorite river.  There is nothing like good rapids and seclusion in nature. While we were out there, we being preparations for the 4th Annual GnarlzFest 2016 (July 22-24th).  Hopefully by then, everything will be good to go, we'll have a large campsite for people, and all set up for a great weekend! 6 Hour release!


May 2, 2016


After Ain't Louie Fest in March, the next thing that we begin to look forward to is the Cheat River Festival. Cheat Fest, as with most paddling festivals has been getting bigger and bigger each year.  But unlike others, Cheat Fest is quickly becoming the biggest whitewater festival in the world, only surpassed by the Gauley River Festival.  We generally have a huge group of friends show up for Cheat, camp together, boater together, and have fun together.  It is a great time. We've put together a video that hopefully paints the picture!




May 1, 2016


Shot from mostly a 1st person angle this is the first solid video we've made showing the Silverbirch Covert 9.3 in action.  At a narrow 9.3ft the Covert is very fast as it planes over water features and cross currents.  The soft edges make for a very trusty and forgiving boat.  Stability wise, same thing; it feels semi loose with the initial stability, giving it a very playful feel - while having a great secondary stability, allowing the paddler a lot of wiggle room with regard to regaining center of balance. We've been looking for the next boat that we have maximum fun in for years and this river running, surfing machine - turn...

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